Duff, Rilling & Legislators Highlight State Funding for Norwalk


Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, Mayor Harry Rilling, State Rep. Kadeem Roberts, State Rep. Dominique Johnson, State Rep. Lucy Dathan, and Board of Education Member Janine Rudolph highlighted over $140 million in state funding for the City of Norwalk, Norwalk Board of Education, local infrastructure, and local non-profits.

Standing on the banks of the Norwalk River where $6 million in state bonding will help finish the Harbor Loop Trail, the elected officials were joined by a number of leaders of local non-profits and organizations including the Maritime Aquarium, the Seaport Association, EJ Heart, The Workplace, Stepping Stones, and Person-to-Person.

“Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Norwalk’s legislative delegation our city will see an unprecedented $140 million in state funding,” said Senator Duff. “This substantial investment will have a profound impact on Norwalk, from supporting local non-profits and infrastructure projects like the Harbor Loop Trail to enhancing our schools, including the new South Norwalk School. Together, as a team in Hartford, we are committed to delivering vital resources that empower our communities and make a lasting difference. Beyond the specific Norwalk investments, this Democratic-led bipartisan budget provides Norwalk families with the largest tax cut in our state’s history. Remarkably, all these beneficial provisions are achieved while adhering to spending caps, reducing long-term debt, and building a safety net for unforeseen challenges.”

“I want to thank Governor Lamont, Senator Duff and members of the Norwalk Delegation for their hard work in securing $140 million in State funding for Norwalk,” said Mayor Rilling. “Whether it’s $2.6 million towards several local non-profits serving our community, $67.8 towards many infrastructure projects such as the Harbor Loop Trail, or enhancements towards our schools, including $45,600,000 for the new South Norwalk School, this funding amount is unprecedented and will enhance the quality of life for all Norwalk residents. I especially want to thank Senator Duff for his leadership and unwavering commitment to bringing this critical funding home to Norwalk.”

“I was proud to work alongside the other members of the Norwalk delegation to secure this funding for our community,” said Rep. Johnson. “These projects will help to improve our already fantastic city, help modernize our infrastructure to better prepare for a future with greater quality of life for all, and support our nonprofits doing such critical work in our communities, especially for our youth.”

“This is a big win for the city of Norwalk. Between funding for our schools, infrastructure, local non-profits, and so much more, residents will greatly benefit from this $140 million in state funding,” Rep. Roberts said. “I can’t wait to see these funds put to good use. Thank you to all my colleagues, both in and out of the legislature, for their tireless advocacy for our great city.”

“I am proud to be a part of a legislative delegation that works together on prioritizing funding, resources, and tools to help improve the lives of all our constituents in Norwalk,” said Rep. Lucy Dathan. “Our collective efforts have secured millions of dollars in state funding to support education, non-profit organizations and programs, and so much more. It is an honor to work alongside a great leader like Sen. Duff and my Norwalk colleagues to be able to deliver important resources to our communities.”

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