Norwalk Parking Authority Resumes Normal Parking Enforcement on June 17

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Norwalk, CT – Phase Two of the State of Connecticut Reopening Plan begins Wednesday, June 17, 2020, and more businesses in Norwalk are expected to reopen. The Norwalk Parking Authority (NPA) announced today to help ensure turnover for local businesses that normal parking enforcement will also begin June 17 for street, surface/lot and structured/garage parking.

Previously in March and April, NPA waived all parking fees in Norwalk. In June, NPA voted to reintroduce parking fees with an expanded Courtesy Card Program for the first-half of the month. No tickets, unless there is a life safety violation, such as blocking a fire hydrant, will be issued before June 17.

“The Norwalk Parking Authority continues to make strides to support local businesses in Norwalk by ensuring the turnover of parking spots, which will help to bring more customers. This is the next phase in the Parking Authority’s rollout plan to reintroduce parking – the first phase was no parking rates for April and May 2020,” said NPA Chairman Dick Brescia. “The Norwalk Parking Authority will continue to meet regularly on the rollout plan and is committed to supporting local business through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Reinstating parking fees encourages vehicle turnover, which will help bring visitors to the urban core for dining and retail. In April and May, NPA identified a large number of street parking spaces were being utilized by residents because there were no parking rates or parking enforcement in place. In some cases, cars had not moved for weeks, limiting the ability to have turnover in spaces closest to businesses that were reopening as part of the state’s Phase One plan. The NPA will continue to monitor and adapt its parking plans in the months ahead.

For more information contact, visit or contact the NPA office at 203-831-9063 or

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