NYC ExoticSnax Opens its First Connecticut Location in South Norwalk

ExoticSnax opens first Connecticut location in South Norwalk (contributed photo)

Norwalk, CT – Just when you thought a Dorito was just a Dorito, Rafael Lullanda Jr and Manny Nieves, owners of the loud and flavorful NYC ExoticSnax retail shops throughout New York, give modern day munchies a whole new meaning. This summer, the duo introduced their scrumptious retail concept to locals with their graffiti and boombastic wrapped shop on Washington Street in South Norwalk, CT, part of AGW’s SONO Partners’ OnWashington real estate portfolio.

The first NYC ExoticSnax store opened in 2019 in the Bronx. Most of the products were originally sourced through Rafael and Manny’s friends who travelled abroad and would bring back these unique snacks. While the commercial brands themselves were well-known stateside, it was the different flavors and the unusual and artistic packaging that proved to be popular among consumers, in addition to the food and beverages themselves. NYC ExoticSnax exploded quickly and with the demand came the need to work with bigger suppliers and dealing directly with wholesale companies throughout the world.

“Our most popular items are Doritos DipPAs from Turkey and Fanta white peach soda from Japan,” says Rafael, “We were the first to bring the Doritos to the states and right now we’re the only ones with the Fanta white peach since it was discontinued a couple months ago. It’s hard to keep them both in stock.”

The NYC ExoticSnax stores are equally as intriguing and attention-grabbing as the products they house. The spaces are a multi-sensory experience filled with neon graffiti artwork, pulsating music, TV monitors throughout, and the sheer vibrancy exuding from the product packaging lending to the stores undeniable energy. It’s truly and entertaining retail experience.

Whether it’s Lays roasted cumin and lamb flavored chips from China, the melon flavored Sunkist from South Korea, Chips Ahoy with chocolate and orange flavored chips from Japan, or the Hubba Bubba inspired M&Ms from Australia, NYC ExoticSnax 203 is sure to make an impression among local consumers and unknowing snack enthusiasts whose stocking stuffers might look a little different this holiday season.

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