Corona Care Packages: Supporting Our Healthcare & Emergency Response Workers

Matt Taylor of RISE (left) delivers care packages to Deputy Chief Ed Podgorski to support Stamford EMS emergency response workers. (contributed photo)

STAMFORD CT – In a outstanding showing of community concern, RISE Nitro Brewing Company coordinated with other food and beverage businesses to create care packages for healthcare and emergency response workers on the front lines.

RISE partnered with Kelly’s Four Plus, Muscle Up, and Zesty Z to create 30 boxes containing 36 cans of organic cold brew coffee, and 24 snacks of protein bars, Mediterranean popcorn, and hand-baked granola. All firms are members of the CT Food n’Bev Connect Peer Network, in partnership with The Business Council of Fairfield County.

Within one week the boxes were packed and delivered to Stamford EMS, Stamford Health and the Tully Health Center, Bridgeport EMS, New Canaan EMS and fire department, Garden Rescues Animal Rescue Shelter and Spot On Veterinary Hospital, as well as Greenwich, Norwalk, Danbury and Bridgeport Hospitals.

Contents of the packages: cold brew coffee, and snacks of protein bars, popcorn and granola. (contributed photo)

“We’re trying to be good citizens and this is a genuine expression of our gratitude. I have tremendous appreciation and concern for what they are going through,” said Matt Taylor, a field marketing manager for RISE. “This all came together very quickly, with many people stepping up. I truly believe we make it through tough times by working together.”

Stamford EMS was a recipient of six care packages for their team of 50 Paramedics and EMTs. Deputy Chief Ed Podgorski accepted the boxes, and made the offer to help deliver additional packages to Stamford Health.

“We’ve received a considerable number of calls relating to COVID-19, with each call requiring our team to go out and provide patient care. These care packages go a long way to show appreciation for our efforts.”

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